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About Aba2day - ABA Behavior Services and ABA Assessments Q & A
Home, Community and ABA Center Based Services.
Servicing the following areas: Southeastern PA - Delaware County, Chester County, Philadelphia Counties, Montgomery and Bucks County, Delaware and Southern NJ
At ABA2Day our ABA professionals will work hard to:
Decrease maladaptive behavior by conducting a functional ABA assessment and developing an ABA behavior plan that families, teachers, and our trained ABA therapists can implement
Increase behavior:
A Behavior Analyst will conduct ABA  assessments on current skills. Based off these ABA assessments, behavior analysts will develop programs to teach your child a variety of skills in all areas of development
Trained ABA therapists will assist in implementing the ABA programs.
The level of support needed for each case will be assessed.
ABA Services We Provide:aba-group-services
  • Behavior Problems - decrease behavior problems such as aggression, noncompliance etc
  • Teaching / Education
  • School Readiness
  • Intensive Preschool ABA Services
  • Life Skills - potty training, brushing teeth, dressing, etc
  • Language Acquisition / Communication Skills
  • Play Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Academics
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music & Dance
  • Gross Motor / Fine Motor Skills
Questions and Answers about ABA2Day - ABA Initial intake and Assessments:
1.  What is an ABA Intake and Assessments?
The initial ABA intake consists of a meeting with ABA2Day Staff, Parents and the Child.  The parent is interviewed for the first segment of the ABA assessment and asked to respond to a series of applicable questions. Each child is assessed on their individual skills and needs. Future ABA Assessments may include FBA, VB MAPP and/or ABLLS/R. 
Questions and Answers about ABA2Day - ABA Assessments2.  What is accomplished by an ABA intake?
The ABA intake meeting can achieve a number of important benchmarks, including, but not limited to, the following:
            (1) Identify Parental ABA Concerns
            (2) Identify Problem Behaviors and Skill Deficits
            (3) Lay the Groundwork to Create a Customized Program for ABA Treatment
            (4) Reccomendations for ABA Services
Once the level of support needed is established by the ABA intake or future assessments, the analysis will typically employ an ABA Therapist to assist parents’ with the implementation of the ABA program.
3.  Who are good candidates for an ABA intake/Assessment?
Any child from 12 months through adolecents is a good candidate for an ABA Assessment; as the ABA Assessment can be employed to establish a need to increase skills such as language/communication, play skills, academics, social skills, life skills, school readiness skills and decrease problem behaviors. 
4.  What behaviors can the ABA intake and other assessments Address?
Typical target behaviors include speech / communication, academics, compliance, speech, toileting, social, play and safety skills. Common problem behaviors include aggression, self-injurious behavior, non-compliance, tantrums and other inappropriate behaviors.
5.   How long does an ABA intake take?
The initial ABA assessment usually takes between 1 – 2 hours.
6.  Where is the ABA Intake conducted?
The ABA Assessments are conducted on-site, at one of our  ABA2DAY Centers.  
For questions and answers on how to begin, please Click Here.
7.  Who administers that ABA Assessment?
ABA Assessments are conducted by an ABA2DAY, Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
8.  How long does it take to schedule as ABA Intake?  
ABA2DAY works to ensure that services are provided in a timely manner, according the diverse  scheduling needs of our clients.  Please contact an ABA2DAY representative and have your child scheduled for an ABA assessment - generally within two to four weeks.
9.  Does insurance cover the cost of an ABA Intake?
ABA Assessments may be covered by insurance, depending on the plan. ABA2DAY is in network with multiple insurance agencies. Please contact an ABA2DAY representative today to discuss the ABA funding options available!